Granday Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. (hereafter ¡°Granday¡± or the Company) is incorporated with the approval of China Banking Regulatory Commission (hereafter ¡°CBRC¡±), its majority shareholder is Shanghai Dongchang Enterprise Group Corporation, Limited and other shareholders include Etern Group Co., Ltd., the parent company of listed Jiangsu Etern Company Limited, and the listed China Jushi Co., Ltd., a core subsidiary of a large state-owned company. In September 2015, Dongchang Group was granted the official approval from CBRC to found Granday. On June 8, 2016, the Official Approval of CBRC Shanghai Office was granted to Dongchang Group for the opening of Granday and a few days later, on June 15, Granday received its business license and officially opened.

Business Scope:
Lease Business: financial leasing, transfer and acceptance of assets for financial leasing, acceptance of premium for leasing from lessees, sale and disposal of lease items;

Financing Business: acceptance of over 3-month (including) time deposits from non-bank shareholders, interbank borrowing and lending, loans from financial institutions, overseas borrowing;

Investment Business: investment in fixed-income securities;

Other Businesses: economic consulting and other businesses approved by CBRC.