Granday Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. is a non-banking financial institution jointly established by Dongchang Group,Etern Group and China Jushi, and is the first financial leasing company with mixed ownership, initiated by a private enterprise in Shanghai.

Since its inception in June 2016, Granday has effectively utilized advantages from shareholders to strenuously explore the financial leasing businesses in Auto Finance and SMEs in Hi-tech and Innovation areas, meanwhile we are actively exploring the innovative mode in the financial leasing industry, e.g. building a financial services platform, cooperating with the banks, insurers, securities companies, guarantee companies and other financial institutions, etc. finally growing the company to a diversified and comprehensive financial service provider.

Invite People of Ability, Integrate the Whole World, Pursue Supreme Wisdom is our development vision. Compliance, Integrity, Profession, Forward-looking is our corporate culture. We will always adhere to quality and specialization in the business development, and will continually maximize the company value for our shareholders, employees, the industry and the society. We look forward to working with you based on long-term interests, and will continue to provide you with comprehensive financial services. Let us harvest a win-win outcome!

Chairman of Granday Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.